True Love Story

True Love Story - Willow Aster I loved the summary... seemed realistic, so it easily caught me. Honestly the book cover... well... it really freaked me out. It's like some suicide girl under water, plus I don't see how it connects with the story. Bah, but never mind, probably that's my not-quite-alternative side calling.

The story itself floated easily, you practically could tap the feelings, connections. And if you really into the story, you get the feeling with this "happily ever after" thing, that something is off.
Also with distance relationship thingy... it was brought sweet, and soo envious, but it probably was the only somehow idealized stuff in this book. Distance relationships never work. And you only wish for a guy like Ian, so thriving for something like this to be real and true.

Starting Ian's letters chapter I sort of "panicked" thinking, this will be the part well I get "bored" or tooo cheesy with this whole carving thing of his. But surprisingly no... there might be a point well I thought it will never end, but it was emotionally raw and stripped enough to really enjoy it, as well as understand it.

The breaking up thing was great and needed to be done. With a first real relationship, with no real experience with people, true emotions, you should really go through as much phases as possible to simply, live. So, yeah, I got the point.

The ending was a bit pink cheesy for me, and way too fast, but who am I to judge. + Although there were various explanations from Ian's part, why he acted the way he did, I couldn't really, truly, wholly made it out, why he acted that way. (Okay, so I might wanted something through from him, although I still got him)

It's a sweet story, that might be slow with reading due to emotional roller coaster, that might take a lot from you to digest, but you will still enjoy it at the end.