Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle Sooo... I'm getting more and more cautious, fingers cross, brace yourself kind of with a) next installment of a series; b) final book of a series. My reason is quite simple: I want it to be epic... especially a final book. No big deal, right?! ... Just be epic!... Simple as that.

'The Artist Trilogy' put the scale way a top. 'Sins & Needles' gave a fucking A start with wanting more and more. 'On Every Street' as a . book (note: I usually don't like . books) gave you some missing pieces for the whole picture. 'Shooting Stars' kicked for even higher gear just to spin your head some more.


'Bold Tricks'... when you thought, there's no way to top previous ones and expecting something like 'okay, fine, something cozy, fitful, let's cramp everything in this one...

This?... No fucking way. This was one fucking hell-of-a-ride... Like, you were sitting in Jose with Ellie, Camden & Javier and experiencing everything. As... totally everything... from first row seats.

It was spinning, getting faster and faster, while you'd have slowed it down just to prolong and have some more of it.
Actually, I was expecting to have a more clearer picture of who's where and how, finally taking sides. Well, okay, sort of... Javier came clearer actually, with realizing - just like us (or me) as reader - he lost it... like, big time... Because, I finally get it (or I think so): he had some idealistic thoughts of Ellie being easy to meld to his world. The idea she has it what it takes; to be the queen of all crimes, killings and pull it of easily. No blinking, be tough cookie... But Ellie still had it in her, the thrive for something better, or rather... finally for something better and normal. Without self-hate, remorse and pink dreams of something normal. She wanted it, realized it and made efforts for it.

Still, in the end, I somehow felt sorry for Javier. While cheering for Camden & Ellie for "tricking" and betraying him. Perfect crime.

Twists and turns, WTF moments, new and interesting side characters to spice the story. This was an awesome series reading experience from start to finish. Simple perfect... and... well, yeah... epic.