Beautiful Stranger  - Christina Lauren This one was even better than BB. Not that I had high hopes, but still.

The better parts were:

● Plot: this no strings attached, girl-just-wanna-have-fun after the way too common break-up with a cheater ex. How it was all executed was actually brilliant.
● Slightly better writing
● No never-ending debate on career vs. private life issues.

Still lacking parts:

● No emotional build-up: still couldn't figure, just as with BB, where the emotional bonding had started.
● No conflict build-up: okay, so it was some predictable, but still. It just happened, like there has too be some conflict where everything crashes, because.
● Fast conflict solution: girl gets angry/disappointed... etc., boy gets angry/disappointed... they're mad at each other for like a couple of days and bang... let's make up and hello HEA, than the end-cut.

Still, it's a fun, summer read, but nothing more than that.