Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Weeelll... it was a perfect, fun, summer-time beach kind of read, really.
For starters, I didn't have high expectations, as the plot was way to average and common: a hottie, filthy rich, unrealistic good-looking boss and a naive (for first blink) type of ambitious, I-am-so-independent-and-have-to-crave-to-be-noticed-professionally kind of employee with the chemistry suddenly boiling over the top.
No prolonged, heavy foreplay and moving around each other thingy here (thank God!). Heated, intriguing sexcapades, witty dialogues, fast paced page turner.

As all the these compensated the lack of deep characters, or any development while only offering weak, and sudden dramas/conflicts (e.g. Chloe's father, Chloe's freak out of not being taken seriously on professional terms), this was a happy, joyful read for me.
So, anyone getting getting angry or wondering why Chloe doesn't sue Bennett based on sexual harassment must have some issues getting lost in the books or simply being too grey/frigid in real life.

This is fiction. And if you look really deep inside you, come on, I'm sure you would love to have a boss like Bennett, or having some from this hate-you-want-you kind of relationship.

Simply, read this book as it is: a nice flick, like a summer flirt, warming you on all the write places and make you smile. Should you expect anything more than this, look for something else.