Crush  - Nicole  Williams Loved this series... fun to read, perfect chill-out, great storytelling, smooth writing, really-really enjoyed.

There was only one thing I couldn't really get over: Luce vs dancing. It was highlighted in 1st book cover, there were glimpses and plots in the story about Luce and her dancing focus,
somehow it wasn't the huge a thing as Luce (or NW) tried to make it.
I mean, she's dancing a couple of times in the books, even performs in B2, and I understand she loves it and it's perfectly fine by me.
No matter how much she tries to make it as her sole professional goal and thriving for it, still, it doesn't come to me like that.
I mean, if she would be like performing and dancing all the way through books, and she being a major hit all dancing groups want, I'd say: totally understand, go get it girl, you're an artist and stuff.
Still, I got the impression this dancing plot in the series was:
a) Luce's desperation for some "I'm-an-independent-woman-this-is-my-goal-and-I-am-not-someone-submitting-for-guy" thing, as - especially in this last book - her dancing came down as somehow a heavy hobby. But rather her main issues were submitting, fear of losing her own self in a full commitment. Plus, throughout the whole book she was like make everything work, earn money, getting degree, and be herself, but not as being a top dancer in some high quality performance.
b) All things above mentioned are some sort of lack NW couldn't fully ad to the storyline as all personal issues taken up her writing and didn't have enough fuel to highlight it in the final book what career prospective Luce might have taking dance really professional.
(Although she managed this redeem somehow at the end of the book, so everyone would be satisfied)
Anyhow, this part was strange for me in the books, but still... really enjoyed reading it :)