Divergent  - Veronica Roth Okay, so I'm not one of those, who thinks, when it comes to dystopia, it's The Hunger Games only.
Although, HG will be always on top of the charts, because practically unbeatable in so many ways.
But as I'm so recipient, and curious about this genre (and lover of great covers), I gave a shot to Divergent. The summary was intriguing, but yet again... a triology. (I hate waiting for books for being finally published:()
The basic idea of the storyline is great, the style of writing is is very easy-going and captivating. I loved the characters. And finally, again a kick-ass, bad-ass female character with strong characteristics.
Other than the action-thrill, twists and WTF moments, the emotional, love-line is unfolds in a beautiful, envious way (for me at least).
It's one of those books you might want to talk and analyse about for hours (just like with HG). Perhaps it more easier to digest, than HG, but that's not the point of this triology.

The world Veronica Roth created caught me, and can't wait to read where she's heading.