Udręka - Lauren Kate The title itself express my feelings reading it. A not because of missing all the happy love stuff. But because of Luce. Her so typically teen acts (okay, I got that she's is a teenager, but still) really annoyed me many times. 'Guess I'm too much into stronger female characters (like Katniss - the strongest I've read about so far).
An still, there's something in Luce you have to give credit for. And that's her act at the end of the book. You have the feeling that there's simple no other way to go, than step into it (or move back). I guess that was her single brave act.

While in Fallen I was so wrapped in who's siding who, what's all this, where does all it heads, and especially Daniel's beautiful wings... Well in Torment, as I waited for some answers... jus a tiny bit of an idea, but nothing, nada...

Daniel all 'I don't say a word', Luce craving desperiately for answers, Cam 'I don't say a word, but trust me, it's better like this'. So I ended up: there are enemies-currently-allies-but-should-die-anyway-at-the-end who no the answers Luce searches, but they're back out, like this is not their fight. Then, there are a the newbies (Shelby, Miles) with skills who know even less than Luce does.
So I keep hoping that in Passion (soon to be start reading:)I get some idea where everythings headed. And understad Luce more... and see all the other characters I love (and hope I don't have to miss them so long as in Torment)... and last, but not least: Daniel and his beautiful wings that are so vivid, you wish you could meet him and see and feel for yourself.