Why, oh why?

The Edge of Always  - J.A. Redmerski

At first I gave 5 star. Then slept on it and thought some... and some more. Finally I realized - no matter how much I wanted it - it wasn't a 5 star experience, at all.

Already the start of it worried me a bit. It was somehow too sweet, too cheesy, too "pinkish" knowing Camryn and Andrew. Somehow, it was soo not them. And perhaps that's why Fate came barging in and crashed it.
And that did good to the story with Camryn drama coping issue and getting back to the road again.
If I want to be honest (and I am) the road trip was the best part of this book. Great dialogues, excellent character play, shockingly interesting adventure and twists. I really enjoyed that part, it was like the atmosphere of The Edge of Never returned that I loved so much.

And than came the back to "social life" and let's get normal like any other couple. Although the wedding vows were beautiful and epic, so Camryn and Andrew. Also, the writing, how the story entered to the birthing scene was absolutely super. Excellently, smartly written, and never see it coming.

But after that... well, yeah. The totally happily ever after with glimpses to the future. Everything somehow wrapped up to end the story in a romantic, pink, fluffy way. No matter how both tried to convince me with highlighting they haven't changed and will return to traveling again, well, that didn't happen. I get it that people are change with time, give up dreams or plans of their lives, but Camryn and Andrew was soo against being average and comforted in a society where they didn't feel like they belong to.

I can't say I'm disappointed, as I didn't have any high hopes with this book. I just wanted some more of Camryn & Andrew's road trip and living day by day, not knowing what will happen, but still make the best of it. Although I didn't like the end part of it, as being too cheesy for me, at least I got my road trip experience which was just as perfect as in The Edge of Never.