Annoying mental issues

The Forever of Ella and Micha  - Jessica Sorensen

I had mixed and controversial feelings about this book. On the one hand, I somehow enjoyed it, but on the other hand it annoyed me at some level and I couldn't wait to finish with it.

My problems are similar like with 'The Secret of Ella and Micha'. No matter the fuckedupness of Ella and Micha, they are not complex and layered enough characters for my taste. I should say they were inconsistent.
Ella's bipolar panic and all whole mental issues made it difficult to read, and annoyed me the most. I got it that it's a difficult mental state she's in, but I experienced more struggle, than progress - despite the end of the story, and all the positive hopes for a future.
Micha with his daddy issue, bah, I got the feeling like he's over-exaggerating he's whole hatefulness towards his dad, just to have a matching fuckedupness like Ella.
Sometimes they both reacted like immature YAs over-emphasizing their issues and feelings for each other.

Soon I realized I'm more curious about Ethan and Lila, because they seemed more real for me, than Ella and Micha.

Still, I really enjoyed JS's clean, smooth and matter-of-fact writing style.

I wanted to love this book, but as I couldn't manage it with 'The Secret of Ella and Micha', it didn't work with this one as well.

But at least I got all curious about Ethan and Lila.